Implement Hashrate Derivatives

Alice and Bob want to bet on how many blocks the bitcoin network will produce in a certain period.

On 2021/01/21 12:00:00 (1579608000) at block 667016

Alice: I bet there will be 2016 blocks produced in the next 2 weeks. In other words the chaintip will be equal or higher than 669032 by 2021/02/04 (1580817600).

Bob: I believe that it will produce more than that.

Both of them agree on an amount and send funds to a 2-of-2 multisig controlled by both of them.

If Bob is right, the block height (669032) will happen before the date Alice mentioned (1580817600) so Bob gets a payout transaction sending funds from the multisig to him with a block-height-locktime of 669032 .

And Alice gets a transaction sending funds from the multisig to her with a timestamp-locktime of 1580817600.


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