Implement ZCash Z-Addresses, fully shielded transactions just like Monero

Hi everyone!

I see that Monero XMR has private transactions and are tradeable in Bisq using the sender’s private key, or viewing key.

ZCash Z-Addresses are private transactions that also can share the private key and/or viewing key as necessary to confirm the transaction took place.

So the question is, is Bisq developing support for ZCash Z-Addresses? How is the progress going and when in the near future can we see this Altcoin address enabled in Bisq?


Hi Koben

Bisq is not currently adding more altcoins at present.

I am sure they will in the future and privacy alts are a good match, however, currently resources are being places in other directions.

Zcash is listed currently, but I don’t know what type of addresses does it accept.
I thought they already used the private ones, did something change at Zcash lately?

Someone opened this issue at github.