Import Bitcoin-Qt Wallet to Bisq or another

Hello I was looking in the forum but I did not find anything about the following.

Some time ago I use Bitcoin-Qt as a Wallet but now I would like to import my wallet (file.dat) to Bisq with the idea of ​​being able to send and receive this crypto.

The only way I have found is to transfer my bitcoin balance to the new address that Bisq provides, but this means new commission payments and more time lost to move from one Wallet to another, I believe that at this point in the Blockchain technology the wallet should be portable from one place to another. Or not?

Thanks for reading and I await your comments

I think that is not supported in Bisq. @ManfredKarrer might have an idea how to do this by messing with the files. But I think it is likely that just replacing Bisq BTC wallet in data directory with your Bitcoin Core would work smoothly, especially if it was from an older version of Bitcoin Core.

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Hopefully this function will be incorporated natively in the future, to not only import Wallets from Bitcoin-Core but also from other online wallets such as and others.

You cannot import Bisq wallet to Bitcoin Core or the other way round. Bisq use BIP 44 wallet so the seed words can be imported in any BIP 44 compatible wallet (e.g. electrum afaik).

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