Important: Make sure your DAO state is in consensus to ensure a smooth trading experience

Bisq latest release 1.9.8 made some changes to how arbitration is handled in the Bisq client

This release required users to have the DAO enabled. Unfortunately this caused a bug where trades would fail should one peers DAO not be in consensus with the network.

A fix will be released to fix the issues caused.

One of the fixes means that is a users DAO is out of sync they will not be able to make or take trades.

Therefore, it is important for all users to make sure their DAO is in consensus with the network.

How do I check if my DAO is in consensus with the network?

  1. Load the Bisq client

  2. Go to DAO section and click ‘Network Monitor’

  3. Select ‘DAO Sate’

  4. Your DAO status is provided in the ‘status’ field. You will see one of the following statuses:

     A. Your node is in consensus with the seed nodes.
     B. Your node is in consensus with the seed nodes. Some of your peers are not in consensus.
     C. Your local data is not in consensus with at least one seed node. Please resync the DAO state.
  5. If your status is A or B from the above, ie. your node is consensus you do no need to do anything.

  6. If your status is C from the above, your node is not in consensus and you will need to resync. If you are not in consensus you will see a button to resync just below the DAO status box. Press this button and the Bisq will restart and the DAO will be resynced.

If the above does not work for you and you are left with a DAO state out of consensus there is another way to synchronize it.

  1. Load the Bisq client

  2. Go to Setting section and click ‘Preferences’

  3. Under DAO options you can choose to rebuild ‘DAO from resources’ this is the quickest option to do. Alternatively you can also ‘rebuild DAO state from the Genesis Transaction’, this option will take longer to complete on restart.

If you have any issues you can always contact support on Bisq Matrix Chat

Also if anyone user has lost trade fees due to a failed trade in the last few days you can make a reimbursement request for lost trade and mining fees here:

It is probably only worth asking for a reimbursement if your trade fees where at least a few dollars or more.