Importing my past trades into a new account

I have two Bisq wallets (both with completed trades). Is it possible to import trade history from one account to another?

I don’t think it’s doable from inside the application.

What is however doable is to export the trade history under .csv format (portfolio/history button on the bottom right).
So, if it is what you need (?), you may export both .csv files, and concatenate them, and you have your whole history in one file.

That’s exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t even expect it’d be doable from inside the app. So when I have the concatenated csv file, is there a way to import it back to Bisq?

I’m not aware of such an import feature inside the application.

Maybe something is doable by concatening the files storing history. But I’m not sure at all if it is technically doable, and even I would be very careful before doing anything. Make proper saves etc.

ok, thank you for your help. I probably won’t do anything, because I don’t know what are the files storing history and how they look inside. :smiley:

Maybe it would be good to consider storing history in csv file straightaway just because it’s easily readable and editable.

It is not trivial as the past trades contain also wallet data which would not be available from imported data.

I am aware of that and my previous wallet is emptied. So I wouldn’t really care about that.