Impossible to pay seller with SEPA but it was the only method chosen

Hi everyone,
I’m asking for help because I wanted to make my first purchase of BTC and I had an issue with my bank because they don’t recognise the seller’s bank as part of the SEPA circuit. That has lead me to a long procedure in my bank’s office with the only answer that I must make a international SWIFT or request the foreign offices for a SEPA transfer with “possible unknown additional charges”.
So here’s my question:
should I wait for the end of the transaction’s available time and open a dispute?
Or should I use a different method even if it wasn’t in the contract risking to invalid it and against my willingly accepted method?
I just wanted to buy with an easy online transaction and I think this lack of compatibility is a seller’s bank fault

Thanks for your patience

You should simply open a dispute with alt+o and tell the arbitrator about the problem.
Whenever there are issues like this outside of your control and things don’t go out as planned, we simply contact arbitrators and they get this solved :slight_smile:

I opened the dispute, I didn’t now that it was possible at any time.

Thank you

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