Improve the online reach of Bitsquare

Right now if you google for “buy bitcoin” doesn’t show up in the first 10 pages.
If you google for “bitcoin exchange” Manfred’s Google+ posts appear first than the website itself.

We need someone with SEO knowledge to help improve this situation.

We should also try to integrate into all kinds of “get started” websites, e.g., which is one of the first results for “buy bitcoin”. I might take care of this one later this week, since we can do pull requests into the website’s github, but there are many more platforms where we should be present.

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I get diff. results, but thats googles personalisation…

Yes agree SEO should be improved. Maybe @kenshishido can have a look too.
Though we should focus on our core group, which are privacy aware bitcoin users. A newbie buying his first bitcoin is usually not our core group (though there are as well some - but we are not mainstream ready yet…).

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