Including email in money order return address

As a buyer using USPS money order, I am planning to use a random address for my account on Bisq.

  1. If I put no sender information on the money order and envelope itself, then (a) it would never be returned to me if a mail issue, but (b) it could be returned to the random address in my Bisq account if the seller has an issue after receiving it, correct?

  2. In the case of (1b), would it be prudent to put my anonymous email as the “name” or like “Attn: []” for the random address, such that the rando who receives it could at least contact the email to say “hey I think I got your mail by accident?” or something?

  3. If (2) is a good idea, then would it also be prudent to include this as the sender information on the money order and envelope itself, to prevent (1a)?

Hi @shmxe see if this post answers your questions: If I mail a money order via FedEx and it's lost, will I be refunded the MO amount? - #8 by Borque

Thanks, that’s a useful thread! So essentially the money order sender information should always be filled, if not with one’s own information, then at least with the recipient’s.

I’m still unclear on the best practice for the return address on the envelope though – is the point basically that as long as the money order information is filled correctly and the sender safely maintains the receipt, then the envelope return address doesn’t really matter because no matter what happens to the mail we can guarantee that either the receiver will cash it or the sender can get a refund after 60 days?

Finally, according to the wiki article, a sender putting a fake address in the Bisq payment method (and I’m assuming this also applies to the envelope return address) risks losing the envelope if it needs to be returned, but this doesn’t really matter since a lost money order can just get refunded as long as you have the receipt, right? Then in what cases is “option 2”, i.e. putting a real local address to “have a higher chance of retrieving a returned envelope,” useful, aside from maybe expediency?

I opened a USPS PO box just for Bisq and put that as my return address on the envelope. It’s not ideal, but at least the envelope will be returned if there’s a problem, although not totally anonymous.