Incorrect balance

I downloaded Bisq client v1.7.0, I’m on Windows. Several weeks ago I funded Bisq BTC account by 0.01 BTC. Today I bought some BSQ tokens for 0.002 BTC and then I bought 0.01 BTC. Not sure when it happened but now my Bisq client shows incorrect balance. There are no disputes or trades open. Correct balance should be 0.01785736 (this number is even displayed on Account → Wallet Info tab). However available balance field is incorrect and I’m not able to send more than 0.01360122 out of Bisq. You can check that correct balance should be 0.01785736 BTC - just sum up all the transactions from the printscreen attached.

How to correct the balance?


If you click on the btx addresses of those shown in > Funds > Send Funds it will show you the funds available for spending in your wallet. Looks like you might be on the transaction screen.

If it is still not adding up, or you think there is something missing it might be the case you might need to do an SPV resync: Resyncing SPV file - Bisq Wiki

You can always reach out for support here: Keybase

Thanks. Yes, Funds > Send Funds shows also total of 0.01360122 BTC balance.

So, I Resynced SPV chain by clicking DELETE SPV FILE AND RESYNC. After bisq restart it took almost 2 hours to start bisq because it was resynchronizing. After another restart I still see 0.01360122 BTC balance.

I entered bisq wallet seed to electrum wallet. Electrum wallet shows correct balance of 0.01785736 BTC.

Thanks for the info.

Ok thanks for letting me know the SPV did not work.

I would recommend doing an emergency wallet payout by pressing ‘Ctrl + e’ or ‘alt + e’ or ‘cmd + e’.

You can then withdraw funds to another address.

Apologies for the inconvenience. I think there is a bug that occasionally does not display deposits correctly.

I can provide BTC transaction IDs and addresses involved in trades that caused incorrect balance in bisq at the end to investigate the issue further. I would prefer to send them via some safer and more private platform than this forum. However I’m not sure who I can send it to and where…

Emergency wallet tool works (at least it shows correct balace), thank you. Actually I don’t need to withdraw my funds - I was just a little worried that I somehow lost my funds. I’m glad it is just incorrect balance calculation issue. Hopefully there are no bugs in bisq client that would cause funds to be lost.

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yes, it is just the GUI not showing the correct amount.

It is fine to be relaxed about it. No funds will be lost and you can continue to use Bisq as normal. Just make sure you remember there are funds there you will have to withdraw eventually using the wallet tool.

No funds will be lost.

You can reach out to support on Keybase: Keybase

Feel free to private message me there. My username is pazza.

OK, thanks.

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