Initial Questions When Placing First Order

I have had some trades on Bisq before but it was a while ago.

I’m coming back now and I found myself with similar questions again, such as:

  1. Is if safe to buy and sell on Bisq? Will my money be secure throughout the whole process? Is there any chance for losses and if so how can I mitigate them?

  2. Again security related, when I buy BTC, is the BTC under escrow? Can I make that bank transfer resting assured that I will get paid afterwards? In other words, is the BTC I’m buying under escrow or could the seller somehow get away with not sending me the BTC after I pay?

  3. How much will the trade cost me? The fees need be more transparent if that’s possible.

These are the main ones but they are very important and I’m convinced all users think about them when first starting to use Bisq, so we should probably make it easier to find the answers if we want Bisq to gain a lot more traction.

Is there already a place where I can get answers to these questions? Even better would be some Youtube videos in multiple languages that addressed them and perhaps showed a hands-on use of Bisq. That would get people started with Bisq a lot faster.

Ps: Sorry if these have already been addressed, as I said in another post I have been away for a while and surely missed out on a lot but I’m trying to catch up :grin:

Some places to find information:

This is one or two clicks deep in Bisq’s website.
… not so difficult to find.

The forum itself has a search engine which is very useful.