Installation Issue: Verifying Jar File on MacOS

I’m in the process of installing Bisq on MacOS and I’ve managed to get far enough to verify the signature file I’ve downloaded (“Good Signture” and all that).

But then I read this on Bisq’s GitHub page (here):

“Because of the signing and notarization process that requires the developer certificate used for the build on macOS it is not possible to create the same jar on macOS.”

  1. So my question: Since I’ve already verified the signature file, can I just move on anyway and start using Bisq?

  2. Another question: Why won’t this path and command work for me?
    Path: /Applications/
    (it takes me to the Contents folder, but doesn’t work when pasted into the command below)
    Command: shasum -a256 [PATH TO BISQ APP]/

To find the hash of my jar file — desktop-1.7.3-all.jar — I had to put a copy in my downloads folder and modify the command accordingly. Only then I got what I think is the hash value, which doesn’t match the one I got when I verified the jar.txt file — Bisq-1.7.3.jar.txt — from GitHub.


If you have verified the file at github releases or Bisq webpage downloads, it’s ok to install it.

I can’t help with the second question since I know nothing about Mac. Looks like this wiki page would need some MacOS detailed info about how to install, but I think that the process is pretty straightforward.

Thank you! Everything’s looking good now. (And the second issue is solved. So no problem there as well.)