Installation / Launch failure - Bisq-1.1.1.dmg on MB Pro, OS X Yosemite V. 10.10.5

Can’t launch Bisq Exchange from desktop or application folder, nothing happens upon query
May 28 Joined Bisq forum to ask for HELP! Plz and Thx!!
May 28 Searched youtube & reddit for similar issue.
May 28 Cycled off and on, now off, Bitdefender.
May 28 Nothing happens, re-install twice, Tor browser cycle.
May 28 Attempt to open Bisq through app icon in app folder.
May 28 Install file, move icon into application folder.
May 27 Installed Bisq aforementioned file version.
May 24 Installed Tor Browser.

The logfile may contain information about your issue.
So, you should have a look at it and/or open an issue on + upload the concerned part.
So the knowledgeable people can have a look.

Logfiles location:
Mac OSX: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Bisq

If you haven’t deposited any funds yet into Bisq, you can simply delete the data directory. Data directory is at the location specified above.

Homard, I finally found the directory location you referenced, took me a minute.

However, there is no BISQ under Application Support, I’ve downloaded the dmg file and installed, moving the launch Icon into my application folder.

I can’t find the log file, not sure how to proceed.

I’ll try getting on github. Thx.

It is possible that Bisq crashes before it even creates the data directory, althought that is very rare.

Not sure where Bisq is installed on Mac, but on linux it is at /opt/Bisq/Bisq. If you find it, you can run it from the command line and look for the output for some warnings/errors.

So I found the terminal connection in the Bisq sub directory, but when I run the script this is what I get back.

Last login: Fri Jun 7 12:08:10 on ttys000

Chriss-MacBook-Pro:~ Chris$ /Volumes/Bisq/ ; exit;
2019-06-07 12:11:15.989 Bisq[7730:694944] /Volumes/Bisq/ not found.

[Process completed]

I have no idea.

Best to create an issue on GitHub.

I did, and thank you for your help!

You are welcome :slight_smile: