Installing from src

I have a Linux version doesnt support deb package install. (rpm only)
So, I’ve download sources and want to know how to install Bisq from the sources.
Is there any faq or guide about it?

I have seen quite a bunch of people succeeding in installing rpm packages.
afaik, there’s nothing in the FAQ about that,
but reading
should provide good first infos.
Tell us how it works.

This is something that comes up from time to time.
I am not aware of anyone successfully compiling a rpm package yet. I guess they would have told us how they’ve done it so we could compile it ourselves and provide an rpm package on the website.

In this post : .rpm package downloads for OpenSuse, Fedora, Centos ect
somebody seems to claim being successfull

See this post also :

Thanks to all for replys.
No need to installing from src. All you need to do - just unpack .deb package to any folder and run ./Bisq
So easy. I think the solution have to be added to FAQ.

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@Grio You mean to run Bisq on Fedora? Its just unpacking the .deb file?

Right, Fedora

@Grio ,
We would indeed be pleased to add the solution to the FAQ or other appropriate place.
For that, could you please describe exactly the procedure you followed pleased.
Just a few lines will suffice it seems.
It would be very kind from you.

I have no computer under Fedora and cannot give it a try myself.