Instant Sepa Payment Impossible

Hi everyone,

I’ve created an offer to buy BTC with Instant Sepa Payment, which was accepted by another Bisq user. However, when I try to make an instant payment to him, my bank complains this user’s bank account is not compatible to receive instant sepa payments and can only receive regular sepa payments instead…
I’ve used my bank account plenty of times for instant sepa both to receive and send money accross different EU countries, so I feel pretty confident my bank is not the problem here…

I’ve tried contacting him on Bisq through the Trade Chat window but he hasn’t replied to my messages and there are only a few hours left now… What should I do? Make a regular sepa payment ? Do nothing?

Hi I would not pay using SEPA.

The trade is for SEPA Instant. If there is a problem with the counter parties account I would recommend opening mediation.

You can check to see if your counter parties bank is on the list of SEPA Instant participants here:

If they are not you might want to ask for compensation form the counter parties security deposit for not being able to complete the trade due to the account being set up incorrectly.

Thanks for the reply!
According to that link, his bank seems to be on the list, as is mine, but for some reason my bank tells me ‘this recipient cannot receive instant payments’. Maybe there is something wrong with his bank account setup ?
Hard to say without him replying back to my questions…

It could be that, or they are not paying for a premium account etc.

Make sure you have evidence from your bank to prove your bank shows sellers account is unable to receive SEPA Instant. This can be provided to the mediator.

I seem to have the identical problem, I took an offer to buy BTC with instant SEPA, my banking wouldn’t let me transfer, says something about security query failed, the call center of my bank tells me there’s probably a problem with the others instant account.
I opened trader chat and tried to get in contact with the trading party, no response whatsoever.
Could you resolve your problem? What would you suggest, if I may ask, having the experience a day earlier (there is a chance it is the same person?)