Insufficient.Money.Exception - Help please



Which Bisq version do you use ? (last one is v1.0.1)
Do you have enough BTC for all the fees + the deposit ?

If you withdrawn your BTC from Bisq since you created that offer, you could be missing the needed funds to lockup for a deposit.

v1.0.1 :heart:

Available balance: 0.00376772

And I thought the funds got locked up when I created the offer?

You should try to resync your SPV file.
Be however aware that this may take time and eat all the CPU.


I’m on a pretty basic laptop so is it going to cope?


If your account is old, and if you didn’t resync for long, then YES.
So better anticipate to do it when you won’t need your laptop for hours.
(and put it in a cold place ;-))
And backup etc before.

Oh okay. I’ve never resynced. I didn’t realise it was necessary. I’ll give it a go tomorrow night if I have time. Thanks