interac, answer must be minimum 6 characters, CIBC

In “interac e-transfer” setup in “national currency accounts”: Better to change bisq code to force “answer” to be minimum 6 alphanumeric characters.

This is important because it is required by CIBC, a major Canadian bank. For info, below are CIBC instructions about the question and answer (needed for interac e-transfer):

  1. Enter a security question and response that only this contact can answer. They must answer the security question correctly to receive the Interac e-Transfer

  2. The security question can be up to 40 characters including spaces

  3. The security answer must be between 6 and 25 characters. It can contain letters and numbers, but not special characters such as “%” and “/”

  4. The answer to the security question may not be part of the security question or the optional message

  5. The security question cannot contain the same words as the security answer

Thanks for pointing that.
However, for this kind of request it’s better to open an issue on the github.
Github is the place where the devs are, far more than here.