Can you post me here how to write “Serbian” in Serbian? I need it for the language selector and java displays Russian there…


Sure :slight_smile: It is “Srpski”


One comment to translation string:
There are some cases where there are 2 single quotes in a row
offerbook.offerersBankId=Maker’'s bank ID: {0}

That is intended and needed to escape the quote when a placeholder is used in the string. Otherwise the quote would not be displayed. With 2 ‘’ it displays one quite in the UI. Nasty java property issue…



If you need italian professional translation, pm me or send me an email


Hi Carlo,

just follow the link in the first post and click on ‘Help Translate Bitsquare’. Italian has 16% done and needs some more work.


Hello Bisq world !
I’ve just registered on the forum but I’m helping with the french version for two months, nobody wants to review my work ? :cry:


cedric joined us recently, maybe he can help.
i need people to volunteer for reviewers so i can upgrade your access on transifex.


Hi Riclas,
If you want I can review


ok, i’ll upgrade you to reviewer. maybe someone else can comment after.


Great ! Thanks for the honour :wink:


Spanish translation “updated”.


Spanish is up to date again. Looks like BSQ voting system is ready to go and the more I see the more I like about it.


Spanish updated, waiting to see the new version!
I’ve had lots of difficulties trying to translate bond/bonded/bonding. I need other spanish to provide ideas, maybe it’s because I’m not yet familiar about how the DAO will work.
I’d like to alert to the spanish software users who could be bonding funds on Bisq to keep caution because there could be some big mistakes on the translation.


Bond is like a security deposit.