The Bitsquare app is ready for internationalization now.
Join our team of Transifex translators and help to get at least 2 or 3 languages completed for the next release.


I’m working on Dutch at the moment, please join me !

PS: could use some help in deciding how to translate terms like ‘trade’, ‘offer’, ‘maker’, ‘taker’, … . Even if you don’t want to translate, discussing this here would be helpful!


I spread the word to get a few more spanish translators. We have some hard work to do now.
I hope we can manage to achieve a good translation.


I will try to find some time to translate to Serbian again soon.


I would suggest to keep English terms if they are well understood in the language. Forcing domain language to local language can become quite ugly (at least my experience with German).


Just got the info that someone is working on Chinese and Japanese! Great to see that!
We need to get Spanish translated as well. 30% so far…


I don’t know where you all came from but thanks to everyone who just joined up to our transifex team :slight_smile:


HI everyone,
Please see the announcement on transifex about the changes last night. I’m sorry that the lines were cleared, you will need some extra clicks to revert the changes from the suggestions tab.
let me know if there are any issues.


It is not that bad when you keep your mouse on the “Use this” in suggestions and press tab after you click it. Just need to keep an eye on longer strings when you need to scroll a bit in suggestions to the “Use this” button. It goes quite fast. (click,tab,click,tab…) :smiley:


We have the first complete translation on github. thank you germans :slight_smile:


Wow that was fast! Congrats!!!


Not ready to use yet, but Spanish have all the strings filled!


Wow! Have you been the translator?
It is only supported for the upcoming version. So u need a bit patience…


Yes I am the translator.
I know it’s not time to go yet, but I expect to be ready when the time comes. The strings have been filled but it needs a few more time for reviewing. Peer reviewing would be nice, but team partners don’t show up very much.


Great thanks! Will put you on the DAO list :-).

Yes the translations need review specially from UI layout issues. I quickly checked and saw already many thing what need to be fixed. But I don’t have the time for that. So hopefully a UI dev (Java FX) will join some day to take care of that.


You got the first Transifex Badge :wink:


I’m very glad to announce that the Spanish translation is reviewed and I consider it ready to be used.
I feel impatient to see the new software with all the new features, and how the translation works. All the work I had to do to translate this, I can’t imagine how it must be to create it!
In the meantime, Spanish speakers can still join transifex and check if something is strange or badly translated.

Thanks to all.


Great thanks!
It will need a UI developer to improve the layout issues. Hope we find one soon after the next release. I am too busy with other stuff…

Here a screenshot of the dev version…

You can see the layout issues. Most are not terrible but needs to get fixed…


I just finished the translation to Serbian. Unfortunately there are no other translators or reviewers right now, but the translation should be without any mistakes. Will see about context ant etc. when the release comes out and I hope everything is good. :slight_smile:


Wow thanks a lot! For fine tuning we will need anyway a UI dev. There are many layout issues… So once we have a dedicated UI dev we can improve all translations and review also more if it works good with context.

@riclas: Can you merge the file to the GH DAO branch?