IP's related to tor.exe blocked by Malewarebytes


Malwarebytes is sending me alerts when I launch Bistsquare client. It seems incoming requests from tor.exe are blocked. I’m not very tech savy so if it is something I should be worry about please let me know.

Many thanks in advance.

We got a few times not false positive reports form AV software. I checked the tor binaries and they are the original from the Tor browser. We reported already to the AV companies. If you can report them as well that it is a false positive would be great.
They seem to flag any tor hidden service as malware…

Manfred you misspelled “flag” in a way a find quite humorous :smiley:

PS: Yes, I imagine antivirus software doesn’t like Tor very much.

Haha… Should I correct it? :slight_smile:

Absolutely not :smiley:

To fix this issue with Malwarebytes blocking TOR simply add an application exclusion using the path:

C:\Users<user name>AppData\Roaming\Bitsquare\mainnet\tor\tor.exe

Replacing with the appropriate user folder name.

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