Is BISQ running on any CHAIN

Is there any CHAIN on which bitsquare is running off? or just the transactions we made goes on the CHAIN and arbitrator then unlock that multisig wallet(If buyer and seller 2 of 3 participants of multisig agrees) ,then security deposits released?

Bisq isn’t running on any blockchain, it uses Bitcoin blockchain for multisig transactions and trading fees, but the rest of the protocol is implemented with a P2P network over Tor.

Bisq doesn’t need to use a blockchain for any other purpose than for these mulitisig transactions and a trading fee.

In most cases arbitrator doesn’t get involved at all if the traders agree. Only when there is a dispute arbitrator needs to unlock the funds with one of the traders to do the payout.

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Is there any guidance to use TOR for p2p? will be thankfull.

Not that I am aware of. It isn’t common that people create P2P networks over Tor, as far as I know.

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