Is bisq working on Segwit wallet?

Today I made my first segwit transaction thanks to Trezor’s beta wallet. It’s just like normal transactions.

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BitcoinJ has no SegWit yet. But would love to support it as soon as possible.

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I hope bitcoinJ makes that a reality soon. I have other wallets using them.

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Why are Bisq wallet receiving addresses not SegWit format? Why would Bisq not want to show that it is keeping up with the times?

We use BitcoinJ and Segwit is not implemented there still ;-(.

This answer was in August. Is Bisq using segwit now?

I think that bitcoinj still didn’t implement segwit, but I am not sure, just something I got from searching around.


Why not doing it yourself:

check this out:

Be Happy

Still no progress on this? The fees at this point are prohibitive to trading.

We are looking for a Bitcoin/BitcoinJ dev. If you know anyone sent him/her to us. We are short on dev resources…

Hello Kind Sirs,

I noticed that bitcoinj have merged segwit support new release should be happening very soon. If that is the case - how soon after can we expect segwit support in bisq?

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This is great news then. We should mention this to devs in Slack.

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There is, roughly, one new release per month.
(cross your fingers).

There was a dev call yesterday:
Next bitcoinj release should indeed contain segwit support.
However, for what I understood, Bisq will be careful before merging it. A sufficient test period is needed to be sure that this new bitcoinj release is ok. If Bisq merges an unproven bitcoinj, this could do a lot of harm.
So, don’t be too hurried.

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Sounds like a sensible thing to do, thanks for update.

Any updates on when bitcoinj / bisq will support segwit?

You can watch progress on getting bitcoinj with segwit support merged here:

Bech32 address support will come later, here is the Open Issue.