Is Bitconnect Coin safe?

Several months ago i looked at this coin with negativity because many sources reviewed it saying they are not full open with the public in certain aspects.

here after the review, people are going at it in the comment section:

Now im not so sure, because someone i know has invested a small amount in Bitconnect Coin and he is happy with it so far.
Id like to get a second/third opinion.

Does anyone know or can anyone say what they think of this coin? it seems to be doing pretty well.
Is anyone here using it?

Their github page is very inactive but it seems they update their code often. They also dont respond to any issues and some people are having doubts i guess.

There is no trading bot because you cant pay per use of the trading bot. Its a pyramid scheme, when suckers stop signing up they cant pay everyone back. Not safe.

agree with you