Is displayed offer book global?

Does the offer book I see in the app reflect the complete set of globally available offers or just a subset that my node happens to see in its P2P “network neighborhood”?

It is global. All nodes see the same. Though due the nature of P2P there might be slight differences (if a peer goes offline his offers get removed and that removal arrives at different time at each peer).

Oh wow, then we REALLY need more liquidity out there! Even some of the
major currencies sometimes have barely any offers.

Yes definitely. If you know any professional traders who are willing to provide liquidity let me know.

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How much do you need? Note: since most of the volume seems to be coming from Europe it will probably have to be in Euro to be any use, so I may need help with opening a bank account in the EU.

All areas are welcome! I think the biggest problem is lack of promotion.

My next big task is to get the organisational structure (Synergetic cooperation/DAO) and the funding model implemented. When I am back from holiday I will work full force on that. With that we should be able to pay contributors with shares so we can start hiring people working full time on it.
Will announce the paper once it is defined (in the forum you can find a post describing the basic idea).

Beside that 2 devs are working on APIs to make automated altcoin trades possible. That should boost as well.

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As long as the bots can’t constantly change the prices I don’t mind. Otherwise the bandwidth usage would kill it.

OK, let me know when you have an offering. I noticed you tried a crowdfund model and it got nowhere, maybe a private share sale would work better?

Regarding Euro accounts, N26 bank in Berlin now operate in Spain. Maybe I could open an account at your address and you could post me the Mastercard. :slight_smile: Yes, all areas need volume but there isn’t much of it down here in Australia and being the ‘latest thing’ almost everyone has opened an exchange despite some serious government intervention.

We’re better off than the kiwis anyhow, their banks just close any account found handling crypto sales. There might be a decent market there.

Here is the short overview about the “DAO” model (still not a defined name for it but will NOT be DAO):

i tried to open an N26 account recently but without success. Will try again once I am back and let u know…

Yeah, I suppose you got the usual “You have been put on the waiting list” email.

DAO model sounds good, I look forward to seeing more about that.


I would like to connect with you guys about the matter of promotion. In light of recent events with Polo many of my colleagues believe that the cryptocurrency community is suffering from some large scale attempts at centralization. This can only be solved by the use of a platform such as Bitsquare. I would like to discuss how we can build the user base of this project and bring in a much-needed liquidity. My network has ample levels of social influence and market making force in the crypto community.

We are driven by many of the same underlying motives which I feel have driven your team to remain steady in the development of this platform. If you would like to discuss further you can find contact information on my personal website here: You can read about my network here: CryptoConsortium I look forward to hopefully speaking with you.

~ William

thanks for reaching out to us!

Bitsquare is not a company and also the way how we do PR is different.
So there is no “PR department” and we basically follow the ideas presented here:

If you feel you can contribute in such a setting please feel to do.
Bitsquare is a community project and lives from that what the supporters are doing for the project.

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