Is it an hd wallet?

Hi! Does the bisq wallet support hd addresses?

I want my online sales to directly send btc (or any coin) to bisq to cash it out, and I don’t want to send it from my own wallet to bisq (for the miner fees).

My online shop uses a new address for each sale (hd) in the xpub/ltub etc format, does the bisq wallet support that ?

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Bisq uses an HD wallet, since it uses seed words to generate addresses deterministically, but I am not sure how you would generate these addresses in your online wallet again, especially not without using the seed words (which is a security issue, I understand).

Bisq uses so called BIP 44 wallet. If you can figure out how to only generate public keys for it, we would love you to let us know, in case someone else wants to do the same thing in future.

Good luck with your shop! :blush:
Thank you for making Bitcoin more useful as money! :grin:

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Well if you go to for example ledger live, click on settings next to your wallet (the “key” for bolting), and then click advanced, you can see the xpub account. From that number the shop can derive ANY (thousands) follow up addresses once one us used.

Would I be able to derive the xpub key from the seeds, if anybody knows?

I think… that electrum can derive the xpub key from a seed, and then use it. Can anyone confirm this?

What about sending from your online sales with a batched transaction eg only once a week to your own wallet. This would also save mining fees.
Kudos also for pushing bitcoin.

I think Electrum doesn’t use BIP 44 wallet though :frowning:
Perhaps there are some tools online.

But is is possible to import a bisq wallet into it I saw somewhere,

I’m just going to try this evening, I’ll let you know how it worked out. This could be a nice feature for a lot of shops that want to cash out a part of their btc. (I personally want to cash out the vat + the buy-in price of my products just to be sure, the profit I will leave in bitcoin:) )


I found this, I know quite a lot But maybe some dev can help just to be 100% sure I/we are doing this right:

This link let’s you derive the adresses from a bip44 structure as well, but some things I don’t understand. Anybody with a smart mind that could help me figure out what numbers to put where exactly:)?

Edit: also found this: BIP39 - Mnemonic Code , but I guess bip44 is not supported, or does it work the same as 39?

You can see the raw wallet data with cmd+j. There is also a checkbox for showing the private keys. Bisq use BIP44. Not sure how compatible it is with other wallets. From next week on a BitcoinJ dev joins Bisq. He will know for sure more details about that.

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