Is it possible/planned to add GoldMoney support?

I think the title says it all: Is it planned (if possible) to add as a payment-option?

Having gold as a currency and GoldMoney as one of possibly many payment processors that deal in gold would be cool.

Very Interesting!

How does the transfer work? Meaning what information are needed for a transfer, name, telno., email, … ?
What is the risk of transaction reversal?

You login, click on “Send Gold”, choose the unit of account (Euros, Dollars, Grams of Gold), then enter the e-mail address, phone number or contact name of the recipient and that’s it. If the person doesn’t have a GoldMoney account yet, I think he just gets notified that so and so much gold is waiting for him.

I don’t know about the risk of transaction reversal. I’m going to ask the GoldMoney-support about that.

Edit: Here’s the official support page on how to send money.

GoldMoney could then also be used as yet another payment processor to transfer fiat, as well as adding the “currency” gold.

This could be quite interesting. I would also look at

Thanks! indeed very interesting. If anyone can work out all the details and define clearly what is needed in a Bitsquare account (mandatory data fields) I can try to push it into the next release. I am too busy with other things (DAO) to work on that myself.

Today I’ve got a response from the Support team. I quote:

Yes, transfers are final, unless you are sending gold to a business and have a valid payment dispute with them regarding a product. If you send a transfer to a person who has not yet registered and they do not register within 72 hours, the funds will revert to your account.

Looks perfect in terms of Bitcoin-integration :grinning:

E-Mail and/or mobile phone number. If the user wants to use a mobile phone number, the person must be sure to be able to send and receive SMS text messages to and from that number. No landlines.

Thanks for your effort.

Can you please check if there is an https:// (and you see a green or grey padlock, i.e. the site must be trusted by your browser) - site, that shows the transaction details.
In case of a dispute a cryptographically secure ‘screenshot’ needs to be reviewed by the arbitrator.

It would be best pratice if you could test the procedure with PageSigner.

I can’t find anyone to send €5 worth of gold back and forth… and yes, I do have friends IRL, just not one that uses GoldMoney :wink:

Is anybody willing to test it out? Maybe someone with a good reputation on this forum?

I volunteer, send it to

Sent. 0.143g Gold worth €5. The clearing house just has to settle the transaction now. (Edit: and it’s done. Less than 1 minute)

and cheap compared to BTC, its zero!! :wink: (although not trustless … )

I couldn’t get PageSigner to work with Is there a way to get the confirmation e-mail that they send you, which contains the transaction details, to be the proof of payment? The e-mails contain a DKIM-Signature. Is that usable in some sort?

EDIT: I saved the confirmation e-mail out of Thunderbird into a *.eml-file and ran dkimverify on it, which proved to work, telling me the signature is ok. This should suffice, shouldn’t it? Manipulating the e-mail and running it through dkimverify again is caught by the mismatch of the signature.

Guess the arbitrator is the best/only to answer that, what he will accept etc. Also the transaction overview that you can filter and PageSign might be an option. Anyway, its up to Manfred … you may send him an email with the info//file/data in question.