Is it possible to filter accounts by age when placing an offer?

I was just wondering if it was possible to filter or restrict accounts that can take an offer?

For example, if I place an offer to sell some BTC, then would it be possible to prevent new accounts of below 30 or 60 days from taking my offer?

I worry a bit now when I place an offer and it is taken by an account that is just a few days old.

The reason that I am asking is obviously related to the recent charge back issues from the scammer/s on the bisq platform.

There will be a new release in the very next minutes.
We’ll see what is inside !
Release notes are already available
and the release is out !

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So if I update to 1.1.0 I cannot trade anymore…

If I have sent fiat to a trader today, should I issue a chargeback because I dont want to wait 1 month for my crypto? this is quite ironic.

I should clarify I dont even know if I can chargeback/reverse but this feels like I am getting scammed. Entering a trade under certain conditions only to have it change halfway through.

and lastly is there any way to get “verified” or similar so I can use Bisq again or should I look elsewhere for buying btc with fiat?

As far as I understand, you can simply create and offer to sell more than 0.01 BTC and no accounts created after 15th of March will be able to take them, since they have a limit of 0.01 now.

@GOran you can still trade. Trading is enabled for all methods again, as far as I understand. Certain countries and Interac transfers were blocked, but now the block is lifted. So you and other users can still trade, even more so in a way.

However if your account was created after 15th of March you will have a per trade limit of 0.01 BTC. You will have to make multiple trades in order to exchange bigger amounts. This is temporary however until we get a new version with new security features.

There is no reason to issue a chargeback for your current trades. And if you can do a chargeback so easily, you should tell us so we know more about payment methods that are easy to chargeback. There is no delay currently for receiving your crypto, so there is nothing to worry about there.

There is no “verifying” process, no.

Alexej996, I have had an offer to sell BTC taken this morning for more than 0.01 BTC by an account that was just 7 days old.

uh… might as well remove fiat all together if max trade is 0.01BTC and it never increases, the limits are already very very low but since it increases over time I thought Ok lets give it a try…

is this the security features youre talking about?

this went from really great to pretty shit in just a few days :frowning:

After your first trade your account will start to age and your limits will increase.
There are proposals being worked on to add a faster verification but they’ll take longer to be implemented.

You can follow and contribute on

Not anymore, it seems if your account was created after 15 March the limit is 0.01 BTC forever.

@Petyr-Baelish Either I misunderstood the release notes then or it is a bug.

@GOran It is not forever, as far as I understand, just until a new release. It should be a temporary solution until devs figure out a more long-term solution.