Is SPV resyncing working?

I made a SPV resynchronization for the first time and I don’t know if I made any mistake. The first day I resynced for 10 hours and I could see a bar that was less that 25% full. The second and third day I did for for 5 and 9 hours respectively but no bar was visible. Today is the fourth day and I still see the same as the 2 previous days. Just this:

Is this working correctly? Am I missing something? Why is this lasting fo so long when I just have 2 trades so far?

Sadly I cannot afford such a beast PC to run my own node. Can I tray to move my bisq account to bisq2 before completing the resync in order to avoid this mess?

I can’t believe this. After so many days trying to resync, I see the information downloaded the previous day is not saved!!! Today the downloading bar is at 0% again!!!


Please don’t tell me you need to resync in one try. :frowning:

Yes, you pretty much need to resync in one go as things stand… that is unfortunate indeed. I also see you have 2 bitcoin peers only so it will be slower, check this out:

Regarding the “beast pc”, all it takes is a raspberry pi 4 with 4gb of ram, really. Or even add a 2tb ssd to your current machine.

I finally got it. Thank you. My last question, I promise. Can I move my bisq account now to bisq 2?

they are two different applications, you don’t move accounts to bisq2. You can keep trading on bisq1 unless you want to be a reputable seller on bisq2