Is the .io suffix a safe place for an anonymous network

I know that many startups are using .io. Some people think it means input output, but it really comes from Indian Ocean, and is a British territory (BIOT). There are claims that US Gov/CIA Military bases exist there (D. Garcia). Is this a concern for anonymous traffic? Has anyone at least considered this?
More information can readily be found on the net about this.


Can you actually remove this post?

I was thinking in terms of the network, but in the event this post is construed as controversial I would prefer it just be removed. Thanks.

Hello, domain endings have nothing to do with security, anonymity, etc. .io is just used as it seems to be en vogue…

Domain endings are of concern, if you have reason to believe that some government want to shut you down, they can seize a domain (which actually is only to stop dns resolving, so the domain becomes useless). This often happens with offshore casinos, political incitement sites, and some pharma sites.

I haven’t heard of anything happen against crypto-domains.

Why do i answer this? I am a domainer since 1996, and offer various privacy solutions to clients

Bisq app doesn’t use any centralized servers. The network that the app is working on is run over Tor and it doesn’t require any websites or domains. It is P2P and over Tor, so it is quite censorship resistant.