Is the list of altcoins dynamically updated somehow?

I swear the list of altcoins (in Settings) was had more coins last time I ran Bisq a few days ago. Is this list dynamic? How do altcoins get added to the list?

The Markets section on the website lists coins that I don’t see in my list.

Assets with very low volume are delisted automatically unless someone pays a (re)listing fee, at DAO - Asset listing fee.

The addition of new assets is on hold.

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Thanks, @MnM. Relisting is not on hold, though, right? Is relisting just a matter of paying the fee?

Also, what does “delisting” entail more precisely? Removal from the list in Settings, anything else? For some coins I see as Delisted in DAO tab, but there are some offers for them nevertheless. Are those offers safe to use?

Also, is the delisting check triggered automatically or manually? How frequently does it happen? Did I just get lucky: when I opened Bisq first time there were lots of coins that were in the list, but then a few days later majority of them got delisted. Did someone flip a switch?

Btw, how low is “low volume”? Is it possible to keep the coin listed as long as there is at least one offer for it (and the fee is paid)? Requirement for non-negligible volume is harsh. I wish to do what I can to allow users to buy the coins I support on Bisq (rather than have them effectively support shady exchanges). But, I can’t artificially generate volume, the most I can do is maintain some offers open. Would that be enough to keep the coin available?

Listed coins are automatically delisted (not possible to trade anymore, or find them in “markets” list) if they don’t make 0.01BTC for a period (not sure if 30 or 90 days). The impossibility to trade is not by removing the asset from the code, but a software lock. So, noone flipped a switch, it must be that after many assets were added, the time for delisting them was activated.
If they’re delisted, anyone can pay to have them listed, 1BSQ per day, unlimited amount. If the asset makes to the min trading volume of 0.01BTC after paying the relisting fee, there’s no need to pay it again for that period.


If I remember correctly it should still be possible to trade delisted coins if there are offers. The delisting is about not showing them as an option in the UI. I don’t think you would be able to create an account for the coin though, but if you already have one since earlier it should work.

To relist a coin a fee has to paid, as MnM mentioned, minimum 30 day listing. The coin needs to trade 0.01BTC for a rolling window of the period chosen.