Is the use of Bisq legal? (EU)

Trying to declare my BTC trading profits for taxing purposes I was asked the question if Bisq has a licence and if the use of Bisq is legal???

They also asked me to provide official records of my trades (???)

How do I answer that?


Your trade is p2p (person to person) It is same, like you meet someone and sale your own legal item (whach, postal stamps, etc…) is this legal in your country? Bisque is an internet connection system. Same, like No licence require to post an ad on the internet or walk on the street.
Is internet legal in your country?
Because Bisq not company or any business, not owned by anybody, it is can’t have any licence.
If your country requirements keep record of trades, it is up to you how you do this. Anyway, nobody can check it.
Bisq not keep records of traders, not even know who is a trader. All personal info stored only on your computer.


You can export your past trades to a spreadsheet.