Is there a "Open a dispute"-whento FAQ?

Hi everybody!

First of all, thanks for this great application and your work here, Manfred. It’s a top notch open source application I’d say. You don’t get this level of quality throughout application, documentation, website, etc. very often. I haven’t checked how many people are actively involved in this project, but you’re all doing a wonderful job here! Thanks a lot.

Now to my question: I did a few trades and I had some question marks popping up in my head about when to open a dispute. I think these are all corner cases that should be explained in the “confirmation dialog” that’s appearing whenever the user wants to confirm a payment receipt:

  • Name on receipt is not in exact order as in the trade details (e.g.: Trade details states “HANS ADAM MUSTERMANN” in “BTC buyer payment details”, but the banking receipt says “ADAM MUSTERMANN HANS”)
  • Name on receipt is not exact match, because some part of the name is missing (e.g.: Trade details states “HANS ADAM MUSTERMANN”, but banking receipt says “HANS ADAM”)
  • Mismatch of capital and lower letters in Trade ID (Trade ID is “bKqhDt” but banking statement tells “BKQHDT”)

Are these cases explained somewhere? I think they appear to happen pretty often.

One thing that could be changed is the Trade ID, in that it is only using small or capital letters. That indeed means it would get a little longer. But I don’t think that should be a problem. I don’t know what to do about the other cases.

Thanks for your help/ideas on this.


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Thanks a lot for your feedback and input!

Good point with those edge cases. I would say that there should be applied a common sense tolerance. In doubt open a dispute. I need to make more clear that opening a dispute in such cases is not risking to lose the deposit.
Also the reason for those checks (protection against social engineering scams). But it is hard to find the right balance of keeping those popup info short and explain all… people tend to ignore them if there is too much text. So it will be probably better to get that explained out of the app via user guide, videos,… we have concrete plans to release a series of videos once the next release is out.

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