Is there a way to have a "preferred method of contact" associated with your account?

I was wondering if there was a way to link more information to a trade or your account information for someone to contact you with if they have more questions, or if you have more questions that you want to ask the other person.

For example:

Say I wanted to sell a Bitcoin, and when someone wanted to buy from me they could see that I had linked a preferred contact on signal rather than email and gave them my number to look up on there?

direct communication between buyer/seller is not done in bitsquare mainly to discourage social engineering/scamming.
It is requested frequently though, so maybe something can be added to help traders whilst also protecting against scammers.

Oh ok, I guess I never really thought about it in that way before. I just figured more communication between buyer and seller will help resolve issues of a trade before it goes to a dispute situation between the buyer, seller, and arbitrator.

I think the overhead having to deal with social engineering is very frustrating. It is better, imho, to find friction points (payment systems that don’t really work, bugs, unclear UI, …) in the present system and systematically take them away. In the end I hope and think very few trades will need arbitration. I have seen from a few comments about the lack of communication that the commenters really want to influence the trading by communicating, i. e. to use social engineering.