Is there any way to see what others see about your Bisq account?

I’d like to see what other users of Bisq (or anyone) can see about my account. I’ve only ever bought Bitcoin (never sold), so I’m not sure what somebody who is being sent fiat via bank account sees, but I assume that they are displayed some sort of reassuring message along the lines of:

Would you like to trust this buyer of your Bitcoin? The person has made 36 trades over 5 years and has had zero disputes. Their account has “trusted” status, which is two steps above “first-timer” and “semi-trusted”, and one step under “extremely trusted”. The likelihood of you getting scammed is considered to be ver low.

Is that how things work? At least I can see some sort of “account age” in the list of offers, and whether or not they can “sign” other accounts, which I assume is an automated mechanism which happens for established accounts like mine. But that’s all I can see about others.

I’ve of course looked through the entire GUI in Bisq, many times, but never found any kind of “account summary”, “public profile” or similar. It would feel nice to know that I’m officially a trusted Bisq user, especially if/when the dreaded day comes when I’m forced to start selling my Bitcoin for fiat.

There should be a tab under “Account” called “How you appear to others” or “Your public profile”.

That doesn’t fit too well with preserving your privacy. Other p2p platforms with no security deposits, like localbitcoins use pure reputation systems but in the way you leave a big trace of data and metadata that attackers can use to reveal not only yours, but all traders identity.
The only data that Bisq displays is the account age and if it’s signed or not. Altcoin accounts doesn’t even show this data. Bisq also displays the number of trades you’ve done with a user according to their Tor address.
Once a trade starts, the data needed for proceeding with the payment and which needs to be completed to create the payment account is shared with your peer and, in case of dispute, with mediator - arbitrator.
This payment account data is removed automatically after an amount of time from Bisq data directory as per this recent feature: Clear payment account payload info from closed trades. by jmacxx · Pull Request #6001 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub

There is a good video here that shows a run through of what happens on both sides of the trades:

Demo starts about half way through video.

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