Is there any way to work around Zelle per transaction limits?

My bank informed me that the ceiling of $1,000 per transaction is Zelle’s policy, not the bank’s. Do people using Zelle as a form of payment in Bisq just live within this limit, or is there any way to work around it? I was hoping after getting my account signed, to be able to buy BTC at the tune of 2K or 3K per transaction, but the limit of $1,000 will make that impossible. Do I need to think outside Zelle? Any suggestions? [Note: I posted this question in reddit/bisq but didn’t get any help there, so I’m trying this forum now]

Hi I think this has been answered in Reddit. But I would recommend considering National Bank Transfer as this has a higher limit 0.25 BTC ~$15k per transaction. Payment time is up to 4 days and costs are low if using ACH.