Is there some way that one could "insta-trade" in Bisq, using some "representation token" until you "take out" Bitcoin regularly?

I have never sold any Bitcoin using Bisq, but I’ve bought many for fiat.

Each time is (necessarily) an involved, lengthy process of first accepting an offer, then sending over Bitcoin from Bitcoin Core to Bisq (can take a long time to verify), then fully accept the offer (sometimes it has apparently already been taken at that point, although you could make the argument that I should be keeping some Bitcoin at all times in my Bisq account for security deposits and fees), then manually log in to the bank website with a hardware dongle and copy and paste the fields to make an international transfer, and then click the “payment started” button, and then wait for sometimes entire days (at least ~24 hours) until you get those sweet coins released and you can send them back to Bitcoin Core together with the unlocked security deposit fee.

(I admit it feels really bad to waste so much in Bitcoin transaction fees, but it still feels kind of “less secure” or “wrong” to keep Bitcoins in the Bisq wallet compared to Bitcoin Core, as if the Bisq BTC wallet is only meant for “temporary” money.)

I understand that the API is finally about to be released, so I’m very excited about that. However, what I’m talking about would apply to the GUI as well, for manual trading with your eyes, brain and hands.

Essentially, I wish that I could instantly, as in, everything is done within one second after pressing “accept offer”, buy or sell Bitcoin for BSQ or whatever “intermediate” cryptocurrency would allow for me to have like a “trade cache” inside Bisq for the purpose of always being able to insta-buy or insta-sell Bitcoin, and then “take out” the profits (above the minimum sum to keep around for trading) regularly.

Maybe this is already possible? And without requiring any other software than Bisq and Bitcoin Core? (Not some altcoin wallet.)

I’m not an experienced trader, but having followed the nail-biting Bitcoin price action (versus USD) for a long time now, it seems impossible for me to not make money every day if I could instantly buy X satoshis without some huge premium/waiting/transaction fees, and then sell them again later the same day or even hour, when the price has changed for the better (for me). It is essentially guaranteed to go up and down many times a day. I would not be doing this with lots of satoshis/Bitcoin, so maybe the profits are too small to bother? But if I could actually do this instantly and without (or almost without) fees, like just increasing a “token” value up/down within my Bisq “account”, and later “take out” profits in lump sums as Bitcoin… that would be perfect. No?

Is this technically possible and “being worked on”/discussed, or just a confused pipe dream by me which isn’t logically possible for some reason? I’ll admit that I’m probably foggy on the details of how exactly this would work, but it seems like a requirement to do these “small but certain” trades where you simply sell when the Bitcoin is slightly more valuable and buy when it’s slightly less valuable, ever increasing your profits by simply taking advantage of the price going up and down all day.

Please poke holes in this logic if I’m simply overlooking something crucial.

That’s what all traders try to do, some are better than others, but it’s not an easy science.

That seems familiar to atomic swaps, they can only be done between blockchains. XMR-BTC is a work going on by XMR and BTC devs, and it might be possible that BSQ and BTC are exchanged this way too in the future.

I have always traded using funds in the Bisq BTC wallet to reduce transaction fees. Never had any issues with it. It has the benefit of allowing you to take offers the best immediately. The best offers get taken quickly so having funds ready to use means that you would be more likely to take advantage of any good offers.

Maybe start with leaving an amount you are comfortable with in the Bisq wallet to take advantage of trades. If you are buying you would need a minimum of:

0.006 BTC for the security deposit per trade, plus 15% of the trade amount.

It’s either 15% of the trade amount or 0.006BTC as min security deposit.

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