Issue with arbitrator

Hi all.
I have stoped operation due to techtical problem and trade period is over.
But arbitrator don’t respond and bitcoins didn’t returned.
Could you advise how to “influence” to arbitrator?
Maybe there is some super arbitrator?
Operation Id 69611d6a.
Please help.

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There is onlly one arbitrator at the moment, @ManfredKarrer. If you saw something wrong, you could have started the arbitration process before the period was over with ctrl + O.

I assume u have opened a dispute already. Was very busy that week, but check at least once a day the dispute cases.

My bitcoins still locked, help please.

Hi, I released again. Hope this time it worked. If not, please send me an email (manfred at bitsquare do io) and I will look into it after 4.1.

Thank you, done.