Issues with open dispute

i have had a trade open for a few weeks, we had to open a dispute because we thought the first confirmation would never happen…coincidentally the day we opened the dispute is precisely when the first confirmation happened…anyway, the seller admits to have received the funds, so we have no issues on that front…the mediator settled the dispute and i accepted the proposal…when the seller went to accept the proposal he received an error from his bisq and is saying his files have been corrupted or something…the trade has 2 days to be completed and i dont know what to do…i have btc locked up in it…there is an option for me to revoke my acceptance and “reject and request arbitration”…can someone guide me through this? i only have 2 days before the system is telling me the trade time is up and i am not sure what happens at that time…

when i requested the seller send me a screenshot of his error his response was

"I cant send pictures. When I accept mediator resouluion it says “Exception message: myMultiSigPubKey from AddressEntry must match the one from the trade data.”

he is being honest because he has already admitted in chat to me and the moderator that the funds have been received by him however i am stuck in the trade and cant get my btc out…
should i “reject and request arbitration”?

Hi thanks for the post.

It sounds like the other party might be experiencing a bug.

I would go to Support, click on the trade in mediation and click ‘Re-open’

Then you can inform your mediator about the problem. I would recommend you tell your trade partner to do the same in trader chat.

I am sure the mediator will be able to sort the problem for you.

Looks like a legit bug, but if he’s experiencing it, he would be the responsible to prove it here, at keybase #support channel or github.
Since the payment has already be done, I don’t think that cancelling the trade is a good idea. It would require a mediation suggestion anyway. It’s possible to open arbitration 10 or 20 days (fiat or alts) since the first confirmation of the security deposit.