It's extremely quiet in here, in terms of support. Is everyone else on matrix?

Previous experience on the bisq matrix server tells me nobody hangs out here except the welcome bot.

Last time I tried I had great difficulty reaching the server (tor).

message when signing using the element we interface:

“Can’t connect to homeserver - please check your connectivity, ensure your homeserver’s SSL certificate is trusted, and that a browser extension is not blocking requests”

Anyone have any ideas? Pls share.

I have been experiencing hardships in connecting to element web ui from tor browser, myself.
Try new tor circuits until it gets through is my suggestion.
Except this, the matrix chat is more active than the forum, and it allows users to DM with support agents to share data that is not a good idea to publish in the open rooms

The good thing about the forum, though, is that it’s easier to find solutions to most relevant topics, so keep using it!