Java and Kotlin


I have been messing around with trying to get a Bisq Fedora client built but have had various problems - I will post about progress there in a separate note. I have had no real experience with Java - I started with Fortran, then Basic then C many decades ago but recently I have gotten interested in Kotlin as a Java substitute (I have a licence for a Java chatbot that I need to work on) and I was wondering if any of the devs here have considered using Kotlin? - it seems like it should “just work”? I have started doing trivial things with it using IntelliJ IDEA . .


Kotlin is for sure a interesting language but none of the devs is familiar with it. Java has the advantage that there are many devs out and it a very robust language with tons of infrastructure support.

Kotlin is a great language, and I have a good bit of experience with it, but at this point we want to keep as much stuff in Bisq using stock-standard Java as possible.

It’s extremely important that as many people as possible can effectively understand, review and maintain Bisq code. Java may be more verbose, etc, but the advantage of being very well-understood by a large number of developers simply outweighs its downsides.

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