java.lang.NullPointerException after changing base currency in Bisq

I installed Bisq originally selecting Bitcoin as base currency. I secured my wallet with a password, kept safe the seed words and the wallet creation date and then I checked my BSQ address.

Then, a couple of days later I decided to change base currency to LTC. Bisq asked me for a new password to protect my LTC wallet, gave me new seed words and then I tried to check my BSQ address.

But when I clicked the ‘Receive’ button I received the following error:


What exactly does that mean?
How can it affect my BSQ wallet?
Shouldn’t Bisq keep the same BSQ wallet address indifferently to the base currency?

You cannot access BSQ when using LTC. BSQ is based on BTC so it is only supported when basecurrency is BTC. Could you open the DAO screen? Need to deactivate that…

Yes, I can open the DAO screen when in LTC base currency. The error window appears when in BSQ wallet tab I click on the Receive button. I never get a BSQ address though.

So, what happens if I chose to change to LTC from BTC base currency while I have BSQs in my wallet? Is it safe to presume that the three wallets (BTC, BSQ, LTC) are completely independent and safe?