Joint Escrow

Please do tell me if what I’m proposing is nonsense. I don’t totally understand the mechanics behind Bisq.

However, let’s say I want to sell one bitcoin on each of two different markets for example EUR/SEPA and GBP/Faster, I have to escrow two coins plus the various deposits and fees.

Would it be possible to have the escrow set to the size of the largest outstanding offer? If a trade starts, say, in EUR then the GBP offer is automatically suspended until the escrow is topped up.

This would have two effects:

  1. I might only have one coin to sell but I don’t care which market I sell it on. This would facilitate that.
  2. It would make cancelling offers considerably cheaper as there would be no on-chain transaction involved. At present I am loathe to post offers because the cost of cancelling them is high.

What do you think? Is this even possible?

I think that would be possible to accomplish but would need to be executed in a very sophisticated manner and there are no dev ressources for it atm.

One would have to make sure that the funds for open offers are available which means that if one offer is taken the other one needs to close immediately. Since Bisq is a P2P network it’s not trivial because the information needs to be shared among all clients which takes some time (seconds). Conflicts could arise especially when bisq volume grows a lot which is expected.
I don’t understand enough to be precise here and everything I say might actually be wrong :slight_smile:

I’m also not sure about all implications and if you want to have offers in the offerbook that are ‘not’ funded.

The next version of Bisq brings hundreds of changes. I guess it’s a good idea to wait for that to discuss it further.

I assume an offer of any payment method or currency is a same object in the code. And the markets on which it would appear is filtered and sorted in a client, but saved with all of the other offers.

If this is the case, then this should be possible to achieve with a singe offer that has a multiple payment methods and currencies listed as acceptable. Same as it is done with arbitrators. This probably isn’t too difficult to be implemented and I don’t see any unwanted consequences that could occur by adding these fields to an offer.

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