Juan Galts Star Wars Eth Etc Video

After watching the video I better understand the stance taken by the Ethereum Classic community.
Although I put some Eth into the DAO I wanted what was best for the ecosystem overall. It seems some kind of compromise with the DAO hacker may have been the best course of action. That said it would have made Ethereums move to a proof of stake very unpalatable. I personally would have seen the overall experiment as an utter failure knowing that one of the largest stake holders was getting wealthier off of ill gotten gains. Say what you want about Code is Law but when the Law is turned against you it is time for a revolution.

Seems ETC been declinging, is it maybe just better to move over to other projects like Lisk that was ethereum-like but maybe better governed?

I haven’t looked too closely at lisk. I follow about 15 projects somewhat closely and that isn’t one at the moment.
Ethereum’s move to POS casper will make the 2 chains very different creatures in their approach to future governance. I believe both will continue to exist and which grows strongest will depend on the developers. That is to say whichever chain offers developers the best return on their time will be the strongest. I’d expect Ethereum Classic will have to have a successful hybrid modification like the lightning network with BTC, if ETC is ever going to be able to handle use cases that require very large transaction throughput as would be found in many iot applications.

ETC has a lot to prove, but also have a very active community that seems to be growing. volatility is strong in this one. but I’m engaging with them and researching governance models and strategies, knowledge which I can use for Bitsquare as well, once we are ready to potentially decentralized bitsquare’s governance.

Both camps have good arguments, but on principle I have to give immutability the respect it deserves.

ETC has to get very organized and very smart to survive.