Just Checking: Does it usually take weeks for an offer to be accepted?

I have had some trouble with my wallet, so I want to be sure I am not doing something wrong. I have an open offer for weeks, and everything is synced and I run 1.9.9. But no takers. Is this normal, or is it likely I have other problems related to other things?

Probably it’s normal and I just need to be patient, right?

I don’t know, there could be issues with you node, one way to know is to look at it at the offerbook or bisq.markets.
But my offer to sell BTC at 100.000 USD probably will take a few weeks to be accepted :joy: so it depends on the market too.

It usually takes weeks for a one hundred dollar offer to be accepted? That is surprising, but I guess with the fees it makes sense.

I am looking at bisq.markets. I do not know what I am looking for however. Could you please explain what I should look at on this website?

What is the offerbook, and again, what exactly should I look for?

Here are my observations when making offers:

Offers to sell BTC with a negative premium (-1%) are taken almost immediately
Offers to sell BTC with a low premium (0-3%) are taken within a day
Offers to sell BTC with a higher premium (4-8%) might take a week or so to be taken

Offers to buy BTC with a high premium (4-8%) are taken within a day
Offers to buy BTC with a low premium (0-3%) might take a few days to be taken
Offers to buy BTC with a negative premium (-1%) might take over a week to be taken

The more ‘popular’ the currency is on Bisq the quicker your offer will be taken
The more ‘popular’ your payment method is on Bisq the quicker your offer will be taken

What is the offerbook, and again, what exactly should I look for?

That is the market for your selected currency

Market > Offer Book

To look at past offers that have been taken go to:

Market > Trades and select your currency

This gives an idea on how frequent trades are for your chosen currency and what are the popular payment methods used.


That was helpful, thank you. I think I might be screwed.

Is it possible to edit an offer once I’ve placed it, without a penalty? I kind of need this money to come through.

The only you’ll lose is the trading fee, which also acts as an anti-spam measure. 0.06% of the trading amount if paid with BSQ.

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You can edit the currency, payment method, and markup percentage for no cost. Just click on the pencil icon next the trade in open offers.


Sometimes I try to take an offer and an error pops-up. You might be one of such offer makers who’s offer errs when a taker tries to accept it.

I.e. I ran into one such offer yesterday and it still sits there. I transacted with the guy in the past, but now his offer just can’t be taken. I suspect everyone has the same issue as I did with his offer, because his offer is good, the guy’s account is 100+ days, he is no rookie, and yet there is a message when taking his offer:

“An error occurred when taking the offer. Timeout reached. Protocol did not complete in 120 sec. No funds have left your wallet yet. Please try to restart your application and check your network connection to see if you can resolve the issue.”

I took the next higher offer, and I suspect a lot of takers ended up doing the same after attempting to take that guy’s offer to no avail.


the existence of a convenient offer in the book for a long time, usually means that the issue lies with the offer maker, as you correctly stated anyone would take the offer otherwise in a timely manner.
The most common problem that causes users not being able to take the offer of a specific maker, is that his wallet has some corruption, and the state of the utxos is incorrect

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