Just installed Bitsquare and getting an error message... help?

This is a Windows 64 install. The message I’m getting (actually three of them) starts with “failed to find library” Then it says “failed to locate JNI_Create Java” and finally failed to launch JVM". I have the latest version of Java installed. Any ideas? Many thanks.

Do you run the binary, not from source or the terminal right?
Can you PM me log file?
Did you had an earlier version installed? Which OS do u have?

Sorry, not an advanced PC user. I’m running it on a Win 7 PC using the 64 bit version which your server detected was the correct version. I’m just clicking on the program icon in the Start menu. I don’t know how to get the log file.

Should be here:
C:\Users<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Bitsquare…

Sorry, I found the file, but can’t figure out how to PM you.

you click on his nickname and “Message”. then attach the log file there

Many thanks riclas.