Keeping your Bisq instance secure

Thought it might be good to start a topic to share good practice about how to keep their funds on their Bisq instance secure.

Here is a link to the wiki with more info on Bisq’s Bitcoin wallet.

Here are a few things I consider good practice for Bisq users:

  • Verify Bisq installation file when downloading / upgrading
  • Keep seed phase backed up offline
  • Password protect computer
  • Password protect Bisq
  • Run Bisq from an encrypted hard drive
  • Back up any Bisq related files to encrypted USB
  • Make sure your computer does not allow remote access
  • Avoid using your Bisq seed in other Bitcoin wallets

If anyone has any questions or suggestions please share.

I would like to add:

  • remember Bisq operates as a hot wallet (no way to do otherwise)
  • constantly withdraw to cold storage everything but the amount you think will be needed to fund next trades
  • overlapping point 2 above: never ever have a copy of the seed anywhere digital (smartphone camera, PC clipboard, text file in cloud… bottomline, outside of Bisq itself your seed should never pass through anything digital, eg. you should never even type it in any device connected to the internet)
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