Keo's new arbitration address

Our arbitrator Keo will have a new onion address from now on, exihmfza5343eh7q.onion

He will still solve the previously open disputes of course, under his older account.

Edit: Keo has responded on Bisq now. Thanks

Hi there. Are you sure that Keo can still access his old account? I contacted him by email and he replied saying that he can’t see a dispute that’s linked to his old onion address. That was 3 days ago and so far he hasn’t responded further either at the dispute or via email. I have tried reopening the dispute with CTRL+O and contacting him again by email. Any ideas what’s going on? Thanks :slight_smile:

He is traveling at the moment, I think. He might not respond quickly. I think he should be able to see the older disputes, although I don’t exactly know his situation. Hopefully it will be resolved when he gets back.