Keyboard binding CMD+M

Bitsquare (v0.4.9.8) has a feature named “send global notification”, which on the Mac happens to be bound to key combination CMD+M. I do not know how often this is function is used by users, but generally to me this seems a bit of an unfortunate mapping. CMD+M is used as a system-wide and also long-standing hotkey to minimize applications on OS X. So the inevitable happens far too often …

Now, I’d like to suggest to map this feature to another (free) hotkey, e.g. CMD+SHIFT+M.


Ah thanks for reporting.
This is not used for users but for me to send out the update alerts. I have changed already to alt+M for the next version, but should probably hide it even more…

Command-M is still the keyboard shortcut for this feature as of v0.7.1.