Keypair must not be null

keyPair must not be null. If we got the addressEntry created from PB we need to have setDeterministicKey got called before any access with getKeyPair().

I deleted wallet and keypairs, to force bisq to create a completely new wallet at start up. All went good, but as I wanted to put in a new passwordphrase I got this error message above.

I deleted the keypairs because I wanted to make sure that all private and puplic keys are getting deleted. So bisq will start as brand new…

what can be done to resolve the problem?

Best regards and thanks, Markus

Did you import the old wallet seeds from version 0.4.9 to the new app (0.5)? If so that is not supported, you need to send the funds over with a normal btc transaction.

Please don’t remove single files inside the data directory as that might cause inconsistencies. I assume you don’t have trades or disputes open. If you have offers open close them. If you have BTC in your wallet send it out to an external wallet. Then backup all and remove the whole data directory (bisq folder). After that start up again and you get a clean new wallet and database.

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Did now as you succested. New Clean install with new wallet.
Thanks, Markus