Latest upgrade how to?

I’m not computer illiterate but this might seem like a dumb question but how do you upgrade to the latest version 1.8.0?

I get the warning that the new Bisq update is available.


It goes through the motion of downloading I guess then what?

The same warning is there, how do you verify signature, how do you install.

I pressed the download again, I’m still presented with same thing, what now? It doesn’t automatically install there is no indication how to verify signature – I’m lost?

Where are the instructions on how to do this? I did backup my wallet after I got past all the warnings to upgrade.

It would be nice to have some instructions for this – since it isn’t an automatic update that I can see – all there is a stagnant screen warning?


More information about installing and updating you can find here:

If you download the update from Bisq itself it will verify the integrity after downloading:

The Bisq software will verify the integrity of updates for you.

After the download you can install the app from your download folder depending on the OS you are using.

Bisq will download the installation package and verify it on the fly, then I believe you should be presented with a link to the location of the downloaded install package, from where you will have to launch the install executable after having closed the old version of Bisq.
It would be advisable to backup your data directory before the update, just as best practice

I’m a new Bisq user. I’ve read through Downloading and installing - Bisq Wiki and don’t know where I need to go to download the installer. Thanks!

You can use Release v1.8.0 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub and scroll down to “assets”.
If you’re on Ubuntu, look for .deb (installer) and .deb.asc (verifier) file extensions. For windows, .exe. detects your operative system and offers the correct file.