Less than 4 Bitcoin network peers

Most of the time I’m having only 2 or 3 Bitcoin network peers. Very rarely do I have 4 and it’s always for a short time. This doesn’t allow me to do almost any operation in Bisq.

What can I do about this?

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I started having the very same issue. I think it has been like this for me since around April 26th, and it was getting progressively worth. As of yesterday I keep getting “Synchronizing with DAO” nonstop and it never completes. Because of this I can’t take offers - Bisq gives me an error message about invalid chain height. Hoping whatever this latest wave of malfunction is will go away soon.

In Matrix chat @pazza83 gave advice: “You could try deselecting connect via Tor to improve your connection.”

This helped me and my bitcoin peers are now at 5 while before they were 1-3.

This is in the Settings > Network Info > Use Tor for Bitcoin Network.

not using tor is faster, but is not private, obviously. Regarding DAO sync then, you can only connect to seednodes throuth tor, and tor has been under heavy load lately: Performance – Tor Metrics

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